Your Nonprofit Home Health & Hospice Agencies

Violence in Home Health Care: Protecting Your Workforce

Thursday, January 18, 11:30am-1:00pm

Workplace violence is a growing concern for the home health care industry and its workers. Although precise rates of violent events specific to the home health care industry are unavailable, it has been well established that health care workers in general, and specifically those in the nursing profession, experience high rates of violence compared to most other industries. Home healthcare workers often face an unsafe and unpredictable environment as they visit a client's neighborhood and home. Since more violent incidents occur in health care settings than any other profession, your administrative staff are also vulnerable. At the conclusion of this webinar the learners will have knowledge of the extent of the problem and what measures the home health agency or hospice can take to help protect their workforce from violence.

Presented in partnership with the Home Care Association of New Hampshire.